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Panel Composite Systems, Inc.

Panel Composite Systems, Inc.


My experience and knowledge of hard surface materials began in 1989. I was collaborating with  a Taiwanese-based company engaged in the manufacture, processing, and wholesale of ceramic tiles under the ROMA brand.

In early 1993, I got involved with importing, processing, and supplying finished natural stone materials ( granite, marble, quartzite, & precious ) for commercial, hospitality, and multi-unit projects throughout the US. From 1996 through 2007, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel throughout the World on a regular basis, visiting stone quarries and fabrication facilities in South America, Europe, India, and Asia.

Since 2007, I have been involved with engineered quartz and in 2012, I began my relationship with its creation and production. With my two+ decades of experience with natural stone combined with my knowledge of engineered quartz, I help to create, make, and provide new and unique quartz surfacing materials.

Over the past 25+ years I have created and successfully implemented many custom programs along with supplying 60,000+ cut to size components for commercial, hospitality, multi-unit, and specialty projects. I am in Asia, SE Asia, Europe on a regular basis and have been traveling to Asia since 1999 ( 127 visits to China thru Feb 2024 ). My post COVID, non-domestic travel re-started in July 2022! It was great to visit my business partners/friends in Spain, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam!

Summer of 2016, I was introduced to Nanotechnology and Biomimicry. Nanotechnology involves the ability to see and to control individual atoms and molecules. Biomimicry is an approach to find sustainable solutions by observing, following, and mimicking Nature. As an example of these two disciplines, scientists mimicked the super-hydrophobic and self cleaning property of the Lotus and created a nanotech solution that is used in products from paint to screen protectors.

Fall of 2016 I became immersed in the design, creation, production, and distribution of large format porcelain panels. Oct 2019, I helped in the creation of Synthesis - a modular shower surround system using large-format porcelain panels that are mechanically attached to traditional stud framing without the use of thin-set OR adhesive. April 2022, Panel Composite Systems (PCS) was formed  to manufacture the system in Solon, OH. I have been active in promoting the system to US material distributors and modular manufacturers.

I enjoy track days on my Ducati, spending time with old friends and making new ones, and attending MotoGP & World SuperBike events.

Synthesis - a patent-pending modular shower surround system using large-format porcelain slabs bonded to a waterproof membrane with an integrated installation track that are mechanically attached to traditional stud framing without the use of thin-set OR adhesive. 

Think of the system as a modular building product, not as a tile. It is designed to take advantage of a carpenter's skill-set. Thus, it does not rely on specialty trade installer ( tile or stone ).

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